Under The Black Rainbow


WATCH: 'SUE'S SONG' (official music video)

Rust Belt Nu-Metal

King 810 is an American metal band from Flint, Michigan. Formed in 2007, they have become notorious for music that explores the darkest corners of life in a town renowned for its crime and poverty statistics. With a sound that blends everything from crushing nu-metal riffs and twisted alt-rock, to experimental hip-hop, electronica and dark jazz, they stand alone as true originals, proudly apart from the common modern metal herd.
King 810 punctured the mainstream consciousness in 2012, when their “Midwest Monsters” EP earned them a deal with Roadrunner Records. A second EP, “Proem”, followed in 2014, and the band’s full-length debut “Memoirs Of A Murderer” emerged to great acclaim later that year, and secured the band significant press coverage, particularly in the UK.
King 810 have always done things their own way. In 2015, they broke new ground with digital EP “Midwest Monsters 2”: a collaboration with DJ Drama, featuring luminaries from the hip-hop world, including Freddie Gibbs, and a wholly new take on the much-abused rap/metal crossover.
The following year, King 810 released their first masterpiece, “La Petite Mort Or A Conversation With God”. A bold and audacious artistic statement, it earned more ecstatic reviews and cemented its creators’ reputation as heavy music’s most intelligent and ambitious outlaws. Built around the extraordinary, visceral poetry and prose of frontman David Gunn, King’s second album screamed their uniqueness from the rooftops. The acoustic respite of the “Queen” EP followed, before King 810 cut their big label ties and embraced independence with 2018’s gleaming, esoteric “Suicide King” album.
More recently, Flint’s finest have been spotted around the world, performing increasingly artful and theatrical live shows, for a fiercely loyal fan base that have been there from the start. King 810 reprised the subversive thuggery of their early works on 2020’s apocalyptic “AK Concerto No.47, 11thMovement In G Major”; and dropped their most vivid and absorbing material yet, on last year’s “K5: follow my tears…” EP.  Endlessly creative, always plotting their next move, King 810 continue to stride where no else dares, armed with nothing more than the bloody truth.